LIFE IN THE JUNGLE …struggle for survival.

In the real sense life in the jungle is really hard where the predators have to rely on the other animals as their prey.The population of the animals is really increasing despite of all this.

The Predators are The Lions,Leopard,Cheetah,Serval cats,Crocodiles among other small animals.

DSC04734Lioness near the prey a half consumed Zebra..Life cut short…… ……………DSC04775Vultures and hyena celebrating the carcass of an elephant in the jaguar…. DSC04824 Crocodile at the mara river waiting to attack any prey mouth wide open…..DSC04823Leopard ascending  from a tree this is the dangerous predator. …………….DSC_5502Cheetah taking a relax after killing its prey the dik dik……………………………

Life here is struggle for survival and only the fittest are surviving.For the predators to survive they have to be really strong enough to kill and the prey to be taken advantage off is under two circumstances,The predators is faster and strong or the prey is really weak or young.

You wish to witness this live join us for a great and awesome trip to Maasai mara.Three days is enough for you to build a great and amazing memories of the pride of Kenya{The wildlife}.

Look at the above pictures and imagine how this life is in the jaguar.

Save the wildlife there many coming general who will be true lovers of animals..Don’t mess up with them.

written by:david of Absolute Holiday safaris.

+254712341190 or +254706360092.


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