We Absolute Holiday Safaris Team we thank God for the far he as taken us in 2016 and believe that 2017 will be really fruitful in our sector. We hope and believe that Tourism will Flourish and will earn our country a good revenue.

2017 is the year of Election for Kenya and we are hopeful everything will go on calmly.We are looking to the world for those with passion for wildlife,Animal Lovers22d91-the-big-fivedsc_0009,Tour Agents,Tour Operators who are willing to make extra coin by selling Kenya Packages and all those who love adventure to make their Next Destination Kenya territory  or choose us to be their Ground Handler.We need you and we are sure we can’t grow to the next level with out you.

We pray for Peace,love and Unity since we are 100% if our Nation will achieve this the whole tourism industry will grow to a higher level.

Absolute Holiday Safaris http://www.absoluteholidaysafaris.com is looking forward to be your Caring partner as you spend great time with our great guides. You can reach us through email : info@absoluteholidaysafaris.com or absoluteholidaysafaris2@gmail.com.

                         Written by DAVID SAFARI
                   Sales Team - Absolute Holiday Safaris
                   Email.- info@absoluteholidaysafaris.com
               Hotlines :       +254706360092 or +254716382235
  Welcome all we will be happy to be your Caring Partner while on this Holiday.

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